What do you like best about cleaning your windows? Is it the promise of doing a tough chore that will probably take you hours? Or is it the thought of having to practice ladder safety while trying your hardest to remove stains, scum, and algae from your panes? 

Okay, we know that window cleaning isn’t something most people look forward to. But they do it because dirty windows won’t clean themselves. 

Now, if you’ve been toying with the idea of hiring a professional window cleaner, great. Hopefully, these 3 reasons will have you calling the window cleaning experts asap. 

1. Safety First 

Did you know that along with bomb squad technicians, garbage collectors, and ship-breakers, skyscraper window cleaners have the most dangerous jobs in the world? 

It’s easy to see why. Even cleaning the windows of a two-story home can be dangerous. Imagine that of a high-rise building. 

With a professional window cleaner, you know that proper safety procedures will be taken. They have the right gear, plus they’re insured. It’s really a matter of asking yourself if window cleaning is worth the injury. 

2. You Deserve a Break 

Being tired is absolutely a good reason to call in the pros to clean your windows. If you’ve been working hard all week, you should be sleeping in or just lounging about, not washing windows on your rest days. 

Think of it like having your car professionally cleaned. Sure, you can do it yourself. But if you don’t have the energy and motivation to do it, you’re probably going to take shortcuts just to have it over and done with. 

Now, for commercial buildings, window cleaning isn’t really a job for janitors or custodians. They already have a lot on their plate. Give them a break by assigning the job to a professional window cleaner instead. 

3. Some Windows Need Special Care 

Just as there are different types of window frames, there are also different types of window glazing or glass. As you may already know, windows are responsible for much of the heat lost in a home or an office. This is why some homeowners or building owners request special types of glazing or coating on their windows to improve energy efficiency. 

The great thing about these types of windows is they keep your energy costs low. However, they are usually more expensive than regular ones and are trickier to clean. 

If you don’t want to damage your specially treated windows, your best bet is to hire a professional window cleaner. It’s a small price to pay if you want your windows to be energy-efficient for a long time.